To CPA or NOT to CPA? Public vs Private?

What if you could run an experiment?

Take twins, with identical DNA, life experiences, education, GPAs, majors, internships, and careers as accountants. Then have twin A become a CPA and go public, and have twin B go private.

Follow Becky Steiger and Norma Steiger on their separate journeys in the private and public accounting worlds! Together they will compare and contrast their experiences and goals in the accounting profession.

First Episodes

Six Weeks to Graduation

In this premiere episode of the Accounting Twins Podcast, we get to meet Norma and Becky Steiger for the first time as they begin their six-week countdown to graduatio...

Do Piercings Hurt Your Accounting Career?

Becky and Norma discuss their accounting job interview tips, tricks, and hacks. The twins question the industries hang up over piercings, and fear it could impact thei...

No Gravestone Says "She Was a 4.0 Student That Loved Accounting"

Attending a concert helps Norma realize a fact about starting grad school. The twins rant about group work in college. Becky and Norma discuss why asking questions are...

Public Accounting Versus Private Accounting

In this episode, we learn why Norma is choosing a public accounting career and why Becky is choosing a private accounting career. The twins get reflective and mushy ab...

Is it OK to Back Out of a Job Offer?

The accounting twins weigh in on a Twitter thread about a student backing out of a signed contract at an accounting firm to take his dream job. Becky and Norma discus...

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