About the Accounting Twins!

Norma Steiger is a bubbly, outgoing, and hardworking twenty-three-year-old. She is a graduate student at the University of Arizona, working towards getting her Master of Accounting, while simultaneously studying for her CPA Exams. In her free time, she enjoys reading until the sun comes up, spending her money on coffee, and watching Marvel movies! Connect with Norma on her social media! LinkedIn Twitter Instagram

Becky Steiger is a positive, enthusiastic, and upbeat young woman who has decided to go down the Private Accounting path. She is an avid movie watcher, enjoys telling corny jokes, and annoying her twin sister, Norma. As a recent college graduate from the University of Arizona, she is navigating the new 'Adult World' with her new Private Accounting Job, while simultaneously working towards a happy and adventurous accounting career path. Connect with Becky here! LinkedIn Twitter Instagram

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