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Summer Accounting Internship Versus Summer Travel

In this Season 2 premiere episode, we get to listen to the beginning of Norma's internship. Meanwhile, Becky is traveling to Disney World and Italy. They discuss budge...

Interns are Expected to Make Mistakes

Norma discusses how much she enjoys her internship at CBIZ, and learns the value of Excel hotkeys, while Becky tells us about her amazing trip to Italy!

What Universities Should Do to Better Prepare Accounting Students

The twins discuss how college did (and did not) prepare them for the business world, the learning curve in the auditing world, and how they interpret feedback.

Accounting, Auditing, and ASMR

Norma shares her impression of her internship now that it ended and her opinions of the auditing profession. Becky shares her life updates and her excitement for her u...

What is the Right Personality to be an Accountant?

In today's episode, we hear about Becky's first weeks in her private accounting job and Norma gives us a small update before she starts graduate school!

Learning on the Job

In the Season 2 season finale the Accounting Twins discuss their different notetaking methods, how their Accounting classes prepared them for work, and their life upda...

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